Legos Ripley’s Believe It or Not


I have more and more respect for all those "mishegas" and general behind-the-scenes kind of people. They are the structure and the form, presenting it all, allowing the rest of us to catch a well-edited glimpse of what the intrinsic value- the "content", if you will- is all about... though not the content or focus of attention themselves, the mishegas are still needed. The production might be a gray area of creative license vs. outright distortion of the truth, with all the mishaps and edits going on-- but I found it ironic that he's complaining about missing the first panel piece of his mosaic. I mean, how perfect did that one panel even have to be? Was anyone really going to notice if it wasn't random "enough"? Mishegas are only authorized to handle the black pieces, I guess.

Kind of like filming software developers, lined up side by side, typing rapidly on keyboards, for the purpose of representing what their work is all about on film? Director, off-screen: "that's good, but can you all type a little faster? We want to see some real emotion here."

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