Comparing version control systems

Thursday 4 November 2004This is nearly 19 years old. Be careful.

Shlomi Fish has compiled a Comparison of SCM Systems (SCM is Source Code Management, or version control system). The list is pretty good, and had a few products I hadn’t heard of yet. Interestingly, the very feature I liked most about Darcs and Arch (their server-less topology) is missing from his comparison.

But Shlomi himself seems to be a bit of a oddball. See his $20 million needed for the “Better CVS” Initiative page, for example.


While some might prefer the distributed SCM architecture that is used by bitkeeper and arch, in my opinion when it comes to Open Source SCM's there is currently only one option: Subversion.

The reason? Quality of implementation.

I put my most valuable digital assets in source control, so this becomes a matter of faith in those responsible for developing and supporting the tool. I'd rather put my faith in the hands of the outstanding subversion team than any other Open Source SCM.

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