Smaller mpegs from Adobe Premiere?

Thursday 29 April 2004This is 19 years old. Be careful.

We’re using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit movies. I have not been able to figure out how to get smaller MPEGs from it. I use the Adobe Media Encoder to generate the MPEGs, and it has a bewildering array of options and sliders, but nothing I do changes the size of the output file. I export a two-minute movie at quality 5, and it looks fabulous but takes 97 Mb. I change the settings to quality 1, lowest bitrates, etc, and now I have a movie that looks like crap, and the file size is... 97Mb.

I’m importing the movie clips from a digital video camera, and they arrive as AVI clips. Is there something I need to do there to make the file smaller? Does anyone have an answer? This is one of those questions that seems impervious to web searches.


I think the first question is why are you choosing MPEG (I am guessing MPEG-1) as a codec? What is your desired output medium? Captures as uncompressed AVI files are supposed to be big, that means they preserve the most information.
I don't really care if it is MPEG. I want a reasonably portable output format that can produce smallish video files, and I'm willing to trade quality for size. How do I do it?
Have you tried using the new ibook you just got? It should have iMovie for importing and sharing already installed.

I ended up getting the DVD Studio Pro which allows more flexibility because of the great compressor that it comes with. You should try iMovie first though.

You can check out what people do with iMovie and iPhoto at this great site

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