You think it’s cold where you are?

Sunday 25 January 2004This is over 19 years old. Be careful.

The weather in the northeast of the U.S. has been unusually cold for a few weeks now, and it’s interesting in a rugged survivor kind of way, since we’re actually cozy in our heated homes.

But nearby is Mount Washington, home of some of the severest weather recorded (it was there that the world record for wind speed, a 231-mph gust, was recorded in 1934). There’s a weather observation station at the summit, and it’s staffed year-round. Last week they almost broke their all-time low temperature record of -47°F (also recorded in 1934).

It turns out they have a blog up there: Observer’s Comments. Be sure to check out the picture of the interns outside in t-shirts at -30°F!


I'm further north, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and yes, we're freezing here too.

Wish I could be at sunny, warm LotusSphere this week!
And I thought my apartment in Queens, NY was cold. Though they are on that mountain by choice apparently...

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