DXL and NotesPeek

Sunday 19 September 2004This is close to 19 years old. Be careful.

Ben Poole starts his recent blog posting The DXL buzz with “Got to love those freaky coincidences”, and I know what he means. Suddenly I’m hearing more about these two creations of mine, DXL and NotesPeek.

For those not from the Notes/Domino world, DXL is an XML representation of a Notes database, and NotesPeek is an interactive viewer for Notes data. At a certain level, they are very similar: walk over a Notes database, and express everything found in an unambiguous authoritative form. For DXL, the form is XML. For NotesPeek, the form is on-screen display. Of course, DXL also allows you to perform the inverse: read XML and create Notes data (though I didn’t write that half of it, Dave Schlesinger did the original code).

So here’s some stuff that happened recently about DXL and NotesPeek:

  • Bruce Elgort recently asked Do you DXL?
  • Damien’s thoughts about Domino as the perfect blogging tool ended up at building tools with DXL.
  • Mac Guidera pointed me at his new tool DXLPeek, which roughly speaking, is NotesPeek reimplemented on top of DXL. It sounds very cool, and I will have to get around to trying it this week.

But the thing that happened that struck me most forcefully was the most unexpected. Recently Rob McDonagh did me a great kindness just because I wrote NotesPeek and DXL. I haven’t worked on these projects in over four years. And suddenly out of the blue, a stranger reached out to me to thank me for that work. It’s a great feeling to have your work acknowledged in that way. Thanks, Rob.



Your work is very much appreciated in the Notes/Domino community, and it always will be.

I still remember meeting you back in 1996(?) at a conference in Long Beach for Domino 1.0. I had been working with InterNotes for awhile and was transitioning to Domino and I had a problem that I had been working on for at least a week and just had no idea how to fix it.

I approached you after you gave a speech; gave you a 30 second overview of the problem and you instantly gave me 3 different ways to fix it. I was floored.

NotesPeek has always been a great tool and DXL was inspired, especially since it was written at the cusp of the XML wave. And I'm certain that Notes/Domino has far fewer bugs because you were involved with the code stream.

And you can bet that I read your blog daily to pick up any other words of wisdom!

Thanks again!
Rob Thomas
Totally agree. I have fond memories of some DXL sessions at Lotussphere Berlin in 2000. The demos garnered spontaneous applause: that never happens in Europe!!
Long Beach? Wasn't that the Mosconi center? The party was on the Queen Mary? Whoooho did Ned drink *that* night.
I was at that conference too. "Super" Ned was showing off Domino, and what floored me most was he would get feedback in one session, and then in the next session (at least the one I saw the next day) he would have addressed, in the code, all the questions that had come up in the earlier session. It was very kewl, and collaboration at its finest.

You're appreciated and missed Ned.
NotesPeek was always my go to tool for real problems in Notes both from an admin side and app development side. It is the Netcat "network swiss army knife" of the Lotus environment. Ned and those like it appear to be sorely missed at Lotus.
The real problem with Notes is, uh, Notes.
Oh no, here we go again... :o)
What is the meaning in the last five bytes (90-04) in the
20040924T204243,90-04? -04 is probably GMT-4 but what about 90?
The ,90 is the fraction of a second. The ISO standard recommended the European convention of using a comma to separate the seconds from the hundredths of seconds.
There have been several times in my 13-year love-hate thing with Notes/Domino wherein the only thing that saved my butt was the fact that you had created NotesPeek and made it easy to use, powerful, and readily available. God bless you!
01-APR-2010 : Always using that. Not a joke.
A great tool, Thanks again.

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