Yet another laptop

Thursday 15 July 2004This is nearly 19 years old. Be careful.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I recently switched to a new laptop. Well, the new one was really the same old one with a new installation of all the software, including the OS. The problem must have been in the hardware, because it still sucked. Sucked as in, after rebooting following a complete repair of Dev Studio so that the debugger would work, it bluescreened claiming there was no SOFTWARE hive in the registry.

So now I’m onto another new laptop, this time it really is a new laptop (well, an old laptop, but a different one at least). And I’m re-installing all the software again. What a pain in the ass. For a few days here I’ve felt electronically homeless. Hopefully order will be restored shortly.


This kind of thing is usually caused by duff memory. Check out memtest86 for an exceedingly good memory tester. I run it on all my machines before I install any other software.

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