Fragment highlighting

Sunday 20 June 2004This is more than 19 years old. Be careful.

Another JavaScript goodie for this site: Now if you follow a URL with a fragment (that is, a hash-mark indicating a particular entry on the page), the entry is highlighted when you get there. This makes it easier to find particular blog entries, since I don’t typically have a page per entry. For example, the yearly archive pages are full of fragment links. David Dorward’s Fragment Highlight script was a good crib sheet, and is more sophisticated than mine. If you want to do something like this, his script is a good place to start.


The highlight rendering in Safari's a little off. If you wish, I can send you a picture. I used to have a bookmark of a site that would render a page on safari and then post a window capture on the web which would make debugging a little easier, but I seem to have lost the link. Looks great on mozilla-based browsers, though!

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