Tuesday 14 December 2004This is almost 19 years old. Be careful.

While on the subject of Subversion, the Trac project looks very cool. It’s a wiki bug tracker repository browser thingy. I’m not running it (it’s just me, after all) but someday, maybe.


My students are going to be using Trac next term; some thoughts on what its implementation says about the state of web programming in Python are at
Trac is magical - we used it at my last place of employment and it was a beautiful tool for co-ordinating a small (3 person) team of developers. It's also just a very, very well designed web application - clean URLs, high quality markup styled with CSS, clear navigation with links in obvious places and a very intuitive interface between the three main components of wik, bug tracker and SVN repository. The only downside is the slightly tricky installation procedure, but it pays off a hundred times over.

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