I-Top: too cool

Sunday 19 December 2004This is almost 19 years old. Be careful.

The I-Top is an electronic top. On the upper side of the top is a row of eight LEDs. A magnetic sensor in the top detects its orientation relative to north/south, so the top knows exactly where the LEDs are as the top spins. While the top is in motion, the LEDs are modulated to produce text messages on the top. It has a handful of games and modes. For example, it will count how many times it has rotated, and remember the high score, so you can try to beat your own best spin.

The I-Top, spinning
The I-Top, at rest

One of the reviews on the i-top page at amazon describes extra modes that include a compass mode: the top displays N/E/S/W on top, acting as a compass. I thought this was one of the coolest toys I’d seen in a while. Also: the center spindle folds into the body of the top, leaving it with a sleek UFO profile. E-bay is displaying listings for a new i-top Pro which can do even more. I want one.


also, official website

Only $7.00 US at walmart here in secaucus, NJ.
I was tempted but did not buy it.
My kids have been giving these as presents for every male relative - regardless of age - for the last year. They finally got smart and gave me one, so they now have one to play with themselves.
We have this awesome i-Top and i-Top Pro available at our website. www.streettags.com

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