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Thursday 23 September 2004

Tony Ramos runs what he calls Tony’s PowerPoint Weblog, or “The Internet’s first business weblog dedicated to PowerPoint, presentations and related topics.” To me, Tony seems a bit clueless about the web. By formatting the entire blog as one huge bullet list, he has unintentionally mocked the entire PowerPoint culture. His tagline is overblown: are there weblogs anywhere else but on the Internet? And the disclaimer at the top of his page: “(Due to the fluid nature of the web, I can’t guarantee these links will work past their original posting date.)” Yes, that’s the way the web works.


Bernard Farrell 12:05 PM on 23 Sep 2004


Checkout Beyond Bullets at Not a lot of posts, but very thought provoking. Even with the help this guy provides it's hard to get out of bullet mode.


freddie mac 1:50 PM on 23 Sep 2004

note space in default html doc name. PowerPoint is something you never want to show any competency in, as it labels you as an "expert" in your organization until you die (often while in the Script Editor).

San Dimas High School Football Rules!!

andrew 9:55 AM on 24 Sep 2004

If this guy's page is supposed to look like PowerPoint(tm), he's failing. Too many words after each point. And he uses punctuation! Certainly he should know that each bullet should contain a meaningless sentence fragment, devoid of any meaning without the surrounding bullets.

And where is the dark blue background? And the yellow font? This guy is clueless!

Kartik 10:45 AM on 24 Sep 2004

Well, criticisms aside I think at least he came up with a good idea, that of amassing PPT presentations across the web. :-)

Tony Ramos 3:31 PM on 1 Oct 2004

Okay, let's take these one at a time and, for fun, in bullet point form:
Cluelessness about the web: I'll admit some. I have little time to become an expert in coding. Got a business to run.
Mockery of the entire PowerPoint culture: It's not worthy of some mockery?
Overblown tagline: I could probably rewrite that.
"Fluid nature" of the web: I'll admit I cribbed that line from several sites I had seen, including those of Robert Cringely, Fermilab, O'Reilly Books, and others. (Click "What's a 'blog'?" above and left, read closing paragraph.)

Thanks, all! -- Tony

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