Downloadable JavaScript and DHTML reference?

Monday 28 June 2004This is 19 years old. Be careful.

I’m looking for a good reference on JavaScript and DHTML. I need it to cover IE and Mozilla, and I need it to be downloadable (that is, in a form I can copy to my hard drive and read with no Internet connection). Any good ones out there?


I realize that you are probably looking for a free option, but Dreamweaver comes with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS references.

There is a handy JavaScript reference which used to be offered somewhere on Its slightly out of date, but its still a terrific resource. If you can find where its offered on that site for online viewing, you should be able to locate a downloadable zip also. Sorry I can't be more specific, but its been a while.
bloglines reader 10:12 AM on 28 Jun 2004
Maybe you want to look at a little LinkDump

or directly
The only reference I know of that covers that kind of material is DHTML: The Definitive Reference. But it's a book, and a hefty one at that. Unfortunately, that's the only adequate source I know of the information you need.
If you don't mind dropping 30 bucks (10 bucks each), DevGuru has downloadable references (PDF) for those things, as well as XML, SQL, etc. I've used their online references for years - great resource.
Netscape's JavaScript central is here: It has all the js reference and guides available for download.

I also found to be a really good resource, not just for js (although that's what I use it for mainly). They make the entire site available for download.
[gravatar] has pretty much everything you could ever need as a downloadable resource.

The DOM2 reference isn't strictly 100% IE compatible but once you get used to it you can work out which bits do and don't apply. DOM2 Reference There's also CSS and XHTML references there available in this list of downloadable files.

all of the above are good. i find myself using the PDF version of the Gecko DOM more than anything else.
G. Grothendieck 5:41 PM on 3 Jul 2004
There are some free web sites (listed at the end) but what I use is the javascript reference card from Visibone

which is not free but its not very expensive either and they crammed an amazing amount into 2 laminated sheets double sided made up of:
- 2 pages for javascript itself,
- 1 page for the DOM, and
- 1 page for javascript regular expressions.
It has a neat color coding scheme so you know which browsers each item is supported in. I have no relationship to the company.

In terms of free resources there are Javascript quick references at: (This is an appendix to the book that Keith has already mentioned. The author makes this appendix available for free).

There is an entire book online about javascript at:

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