These are my blog postings about mechanically creating images on paper:

14 Feb 2012:

Linotype  also: movies, history

2 Mar 2011:

Boston printing office auction  also: history, boston

20 Feb 2009:

Print css  also: css

24 Nov 2008:

Print this file, your printer will jam  also: history, debugging

23 Nov 2008:

My oldest code still running  also: history

10 Jun 2008:

How hot was it?  also: boston

21 Jan 2008:

Cross-site printing?  also: security, malware

25 Nov 2007:

Secret print tracking  also: malware

10 May 2006:

Color calibration  also: help, color

26 Feb 2004:

Printer tones  also: hacks

9 Oct 2003:

PDF printing with Ghostscript  also: pdf

8 Apr 2003:

Smoke test  also: language, testing

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