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Monday 19 April 2004

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, while at BloggerCon II, I was interviewed by Julie Flaherty, a reporter from the New York Times. This morning, I am the lead paragraph in her story on page C4 in the business section: Many Started Web Logs for Fun, but Bloggers Need Money, Too. Whee! Set your stopwatch for 15 minutes of fame!

She also included a link to the page. Maybe now I’ll make $3 a day...

An online irony: The whole point of the story is that I make a few dollars a day off of my goofy card-folding page. The reason I do is that I place Google ads there. Google chooses online business card printer ads, naturally. The New York Times also uses Google ads on their stories. Because of the prominence Julie gave my story in her piece, the Google ads on her page are: online business card printers!

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And to think that I knew him when he was a nobody. ;-)
After reading the article I see where you're coming from. BloggerCon 2, much more so than 1, was about blogging as the future of journalism. Though, to be fair, Dave highlighted this in his pre-con notes.

In that context, I showed up on Saturday more to hear about people who blog because they want their voice heard (by anyone, by everyone, by certain people), and to understand what they felt they needed in order to accomplish that.
Yeah I wish I could have been there, I'm sure some interesting discussion went down. I am jealous, and I enjoyed the article in the Times, I had to react to it today...

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