Books organized by color

Sunday 21 November 2004This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

Artist Chris Cobb has reogranized an entire bookstore so that the books are arranged by color rather than subject. He talks about the project, and some other things he’s done (sculptures made with glue sticks and mashed potatoes, among other things). The bookstore was done overnight by 20 volunteers, will stay that way for a week or so, and will then be undone overnight by the 20 volunteers. Maybe it’s the bookstore aspect, but I find this oddly attractive.


Interesting. I did the same with my CD collection after being inspired by the set decoration in the otherwise flaccid british comedy "Sliding Doors" who did it with the books in the main characters apartment. I found that I had managed to memorize the spine color of most of my CDs even before arranging them as that is what you see when scanning for the one you want.

Apparently I'm not alone in my attention drifting during that movie as Eminem is supposed to have been watching the film when he first heard Dido's track "Thank You" that became the basis for "Stan".

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