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Tuesday 29 June 2004This is 19 years old. Be careful.

A friend chided me for not putting the full text of my blog entries in my RSS feed. He made a number of good arguments, including showing me how my site looked on his phone (crappy). So now I am providing two RSS feeds. The classic feed, with the first paragraph of each entry, and a full text RSS feed with the entire text (and images if any) of the entire post. Enjoy.

The clever XSLT styling trick doesn’t work right for the full feed in Firefox, though it does in IE. Oh well. And the feeds don’t strictly validate, but I don’t care. Maybe someday.

By the way: does anyone know of an emulator for the phone browsers? Another “some day” task: I might also try to make the site look better on those dinky screens.


There's a 'content' module / XML namespace you can use that most RSS readers support. It's a better way of bringing full content along with a weblog entry, allowing the description to just be a description.

See http://purl.org/rss/1.0/modules/content/
I like the full feed. Thanks! I might be partially responsible for Miguel's comments. He and I were discussing blogs / RSS feeds. I used your feed as an example when complaining about partial feeds. Offering a choice between partial and full feeds is great.
One other thing: since you asked about phone browser emulators. I don't have a handy link right now but the PalmOS emulator for Windows can be downloaded for free. (I think they may require you to register first but there's no charge). You can also download the ROM images for the various palmOne Treo phones.

This is how a lot of PalmOS application software is developed and tested. Since all of the popular Palm device ROMs are available for download you can test software without actually owning each of the devices.

The browser (Blazer) is part of the Treo ROM image and works just fine in the emulator. It's a little weird to see on a PC but you get the same experience as with a real Treo. All the other software that relies on TCP/IP (such as the Mail app) run just fine in the emulator as well.
Hmm... I tried the emulator, and had poor results. The Treo roms seem to put it into an infinite reset sequence, and the roms that work don't seem to have the browser.
Odd. Maybe you're using the wrong one. I just downloaded the Treo 600 Simulator. I tried it and it worked fine for me. There appear to be two different developer communities. I downloaded the simulator from http://pluggedin.palmone.com. We can move this discussion to email if you want.

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