Bronx Science math team, 1980

Tuesday 29 August 2006

A commenter on the White House photo post mentioned that he'd never seen a photo of me, and it's true, this site is devoid of self-images. To help correct that, here are some more, but instead of a tux, how about overalls?

In 1980, I was a senior at the Bronx High School of Science. I was also on the math team. For reasons I don't remember, a Life magazine photographer came to photograph us. The photos were never used in the magazine, but my dad was friends with someone in the photo department there, and got some rough prints. Here they are:

Tabblo: Bronx Science Math Team, 1980


susan senator 8:00 AM on 29 Aug 2006

Those who want to see what you look like should go to my site; it's full of pictures of you.

Charlie Groves 8:13 AM on 29 Aug 2006

Impressive that you've been sporting a beard since 1980. Has it been a constant 26 year run or have there been clean shaven stretches?

Paul Boddie 9:12 AM on 29 Aug 2006

He'd never seen any photos "as such", perhaps:

Damien Katz 11:05 AM on 29 Aug 2006

You look quite mathletic.

Ned Batchelder 11:17 AM on 29 Aug 2006

On the beard: I've had it nearly continuously since those photos were taken. One time that I did shave it off, I went in to work, and a co-worker said, "There's something different about you.."

Bob 12:54 PM on 29 Aug 2006

Cool. You and Max look very much alike in these photos.

Beardless Ned? Look here:

Ned Batchelder 7:13 AM on 30 Aug 2006

For anyone who doesn't yet know Bob: it's absolutely typical that he managed to remember, find and re-post an email I sent over three years ago and promptly forgot. He's like Google on legs, that guy!

susan senator 4:09 PM on 30 Aug 2006

Time to shave it again, btw. Now that you have a good haircut, it will look pretty hot.

susan senator 4:09 PM on 30 Aug 2006

...for an old man.

Paul Downs 4:47 PM on 6 Sep 2006

I've got an old picture kicking around of Ned dressed up as Jesus, mounted on a cross, flanked by two guys dressed as an Arab and Jew. Ah, college days! I'll have to see if I can put my hands on it and post it.


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