Juggling to the Beatles

Thursday 16 February 2006This is more than 17 years old. Be careful.

One of the frustrating things about juggling for an audience is that they are only interested in numbers. If you juggle three balls, they’ll ask if you can do four. If you can do four, they’ll ask if you can do five.

In his Must-See Finale, Chris Bliss juggles only three balls. But he does so with a huge amount of panache. He uses at least a couple dozen different tricks, and synchronizes the whole thing to the finale of Abbey Road. It’s proof that even three balls can be done expertly.


Wow! Too good. Thanks for the link, Ned.
That was fantastic.

My own juggling activities have been suspended since last Thanksgiving, when I shattered three of Jocelyn's mother's Waterford tumblers.
This was inspirational though...I think I'll have at it again, maybe they'll let me demonstrate with some more of the crystal, come Easter dinner!
So can you blog... 2 videos like that next time?

That innovative performance is indeed noteworthy for exactly the reason you mention. Juggling is the subset of magic where chops (physical skill/dexterity) matters more than in any other kind of magic (where usually it's mostly about presentation of an illusion; in juggling, the chops _is_ the presentation). This was chops _and_ an inspiring performance. Reminds me of Dan Menendaz (?), the Bounce Pianist who performed on perhaps the greatest television show ever, 30 Seconds to Fame (he should have won that episode).

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