The Conversations Network

Thursday 12 January 2006This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

The Conversations Network looks like a good thing. Doug Kaye, the founder of IT Conversations has branched out. IT Conversations always did a good job putting up audio from tech conferences. Now The Conversations Network is expanding on that idea to distribute informational audio content from a broader range of disciplines. Listening is free, but a paid membership will get you a listening queue, recommendations, and write access to their forums.


ITC is most certainly a good thing! One of my favorite podcasts. Like the old Dr. Dobbs' online resources of similar recorded audio files about cool technical stuff (maybe the same people were involved with that?). Before podcasts, I even went to lengths to make my own audio files from webpages and text-to-speech software like TextAloud. (The human voice isn't nearly as monotonous, but I could listen to a topic I was interested in while driving.)

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