Sunday 23 July 2006This is nearly 17 years old. Be careful.

One idle afternoon in the summer, Ben (8) was playing with some Silly Putty, and asked, “How come no one does claymation with Silly Putty?”

No one had an answer, so with Max (14) as cinematographer with a still camera, Ben started animating. Fifteen minutes later, we had this basic proof of concept:

It can be done! Silliputtimation is possible!

BTW: this is the first video I’ve uploaded to YouTube. They do a good job of the process, making it very straightforward to get content on their site. I liked their wording for three-option radio buttons, for example, for allowing comments on videos. The choices are “Yes”, “No”, and “Kinda”, meaning moderated.


FYI: I think the (IIRC Dupont) patent has expired so one can get generic versions of Silly Putty(r). In particular, they make colors and glow-in-the-dark putties.

Cool Video; congrats to all!!!!
What did they use to stitch the still shots together? That looks like a fun way to kill a few hours, but I don't have the first clue about video stuff.
Max used iMovie to import the photos and export a Quicktime movie. The photo feature of iMovie is designed for making a slideshow of snapshots, but if you speed up the timeline, you can get stop-motion animation out of it.
Carl Friedrich Bolz 10:33 AM on 24 Jul 2006
Wow, this movie is indeed extremely cool (I watched it at least 15 times :-). Congratulations to the makers!
Maybe one of the reasons Silly Putty is underused is it's color. Clay provides a lot more variety.
Your kids are so cool! I agree with Paul that the basic silly putty color (dirty caucasian flesh) is unappealing, but I think they make it in loads of other colors now too. I think our guys had some glow-in-the-dark silly putty once (the color of dirty lemonade.)
Benji and I just made a second stop-motion short, titled Benimation. It's about 3 seconds longer, but has much more going on : ) Fun, fun!

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