Announcing Tabblo

Monday 15 May 2006This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

I’m really pleased to announce that as of now, Tabblo is open for business.


Tabblo is a new photo-sharing site focused on telling stories. Or is it a story-sharing site focused on photos? Unlike most other photo sites, it lets you create pages (we call them tabblos) that include photos and text, so that you can share an entire story rather than just a stack of snapshots. Dozens of gorgeous layouts and styles give your tabblo a polished feel, and you can buy a high-quality 12×18 glossy poster for a song.

I’ve been working hard on Tabblo since January, and I think it has turned out really well. We have a small but talented and dedicated team, and we’ve tried hard to build an exceptional site. For example, I think we’ve pushed the envelope on the kind of editing power that can be provided in a browser. We’re really proud of what we’ve done, and today we begin our public beta (grrrr, I hate that word).

There’s lots more I’d like to say about Tabblo, about the last four months, about the next year, about the product, about the technology, but I’ll save all that for other posts. Please try Tabblo and tell us your story.


Molto coolio! I have repeatedly asked the Flickr people for just this sort of thing. Now it exists!
Congratulations! The site looks great. It's a really excellent idea. I've already begun to add photos and found some cool features. Nice work.
Looks nice.. Great work ned
really cool! Very easy to use and I really liked the integration with blogger en picasa!!
What's with all the squinting people in the top bar? It looks like maybe they're trying to wink, but the flash-shines make it appear as if they're squinting into a bright light.
Nice site. You'vr committed a cardinal sin in commercial web app design, though. Your source code is human readable! Seriously, best of luck with your latest endeavor.
Nice, Ned!

I'm signed up and I've looked around, and I like what I see. I liked the registration widget popping over the page, which had dimmed in the background. Classy. I've already referred some friends, who are good photographers and may make good use of Tabblo.

Good luck!
Congrats, you too now have a web 2.0 app.

On my web 2.0 validator you recieve

* lime green [fail]
* obscure unpronouncable name [pass]
* "r" at the end of the name [fail]
* liberate use of dhtml [pass]
* rounded corners [fail]
* personalized anything [pass]
* idle toying around with the logo font [pass]
* mashed up [fail]

That's almost 50% web2.0, 20% is enough to qualify, cheers!

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