DB Fletcher capstan tables

Sunday 10 December 2006

This is one of those things that seems impossible or at least impractical, and I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it. DB Fletcher’s Capstan Tables are round, but have a built-in mechanism that makes them larger when turned. Leaves in the table expand out, and the whole surface re-fits together to make another larger, seamless circle. It’s like dynamic oak origami as furniture.


This is pretty cool.
But its impossible for the table to be round (ie. circle) in both configurations. Not that it matters really... ;-)
This is based on a table designed bythe English cabinetmaker Robert Jupe in the 1830s. Jupe was the first to conceive of the radial opening geometry, where the top is divided into pie shaped segments that move outward as the table top is rotated. In Jupe's tables, the pentagonal leaves were manually inserted. Fletcher has advanced this one step further by automating the entire process - the key is the star shaped insert in the center. As a professional furniture designer my hat goes off to Fletcher - brilliant design and engineering.
If you look at the video, it is circular in both configurations. When collapsed, the leaves drop into a circular rim. Pretty impressive piece of furniture design, if I say so myself.
That's a damn fine piece of engineering. I'm especially impressed at how smooth the surface is is both configurations.

I wouldn't want to get my fingers caught in the way though.
Hello to you
My name is Robert Baker I am from the UK I have my factory in Indonesia named PT F1, I have designed and produced an automatic electronic Robert Jupes table I am looking for distribution in the UK.
I have made the standard Jupes tables in the early 90s but now no more.
For your consideration please find graphic of full working automatic table prototype. This is still a prototype I have it made in indoor outdoor models its mechanic are unique to say the least, I hope you find it of interest to your company.
I still need to do more development to achieve perfection with this unique product. If you feel you have an interest after seeing the product sample please contact. Also if you have no interest and know another person or company that would have distribution for such a product. I would be happy to develop this marketing. I have both indoor outdoor models of this auto table.
Regards Robert

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