Thursday 9 March 2006This is more than 17 years old. Be careful.

Pixoh is a charming little site. It’s for editing photos. You upload a photo, or point it at a URL, then you can crop, resize, and rotate the image. That’s all. When you’re done editing, you can download the photo, or save it to Flickr.

It’s nicely done, but does very little. It doesn’t even let you manage more than one photo at a time. They are accepting nominations for new features, using a sub-reddit, which I hadn’t seen before. It could be an interesting model for applications development. Create just one feature, and then build on it.


Hi Ned,

Well you _could_ wait around for pixoh to add features or you could take a look at PXN8.
[disclaimer: pxn8 is mine]

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