Web frameworks: RoR is the winner

Saturday 1 April 2006This is more than 17 years old. Be careful.

Recently, a lot of people have asked my opinion of the various web frameworks out there, especially Django, Turbogears, and Ruby on Rails. I’ve looked into all three. I’ve been using Django at work for three months.

After carefully looking them all over, I’ve decided that Ruby on Rails is the winner, for a few reasons:

  • Rails is the only web development framework in Ruby, so I don’t have to decide between competing frameworks like I do in Python. And isn’t the whole point of a modern web framework to relieve you of some of the hard thinking?
  • Django is at version 0.91, while Rails just released version 1.1 a few days ago. Mathematically, 1.1 is 20% more than 0.91.
  • Rails is getting all the good press.
  • Plus, that whole “significant whitespace” thing in Python just finally got to me.

So it’s on to Ruby for me, although I’ve also heard good things about Erlang...


Nice Joke! xD
I think the people working on Nitro might object to point #1 but other than that you are absolutly right. Glad to see you've finally seen the light - even if it's only for 4/1
This has been a rather traumatic day for me. First the PSF is charging royalties for Python 2.5. Then Slashdot changed it's theme to one that makes me blind. And now this! At least TurboGears gained a great new feature.

I think if you would have read this about TurboGears, RoR wouldn't even be an option. Nuff said.
Oh, come on!

You did a comparative study and didn't include EJB? Beans are gonna rule the world, dude, and all your interpretive scripting noise will be crushed.
Before you make this decision, be sure to carefully consider SQL On Rails, because one tier is really all you need.

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