Quick PIL tip

Thursday 26 January 2006

Just a quick note: let’s say you are using the Python Imaging Library to composite a number of images with borders into a larger image. The ImageDraw.rectangle method is fabulous for drawing borders. BUT: The ImageDraw.bitmap method is not what you want for putting little images onto the larger image. I don’t what it is good for, but it isn’t good for that. You want the Image.paste method. It works great.


Fredrik 4:53 PM on 26 Jan 2006

fwiw, the "bitmap" method draws a bitmap (i.e. a 1-bit mask) in a given color. it's pretty much the same thing as "Image.paste(color, mask)"

Ned Batchelder 5:45 PM on 26 Jan 2006

That would be a great sentence to add to the documentation, along with, "If you want to draw an image on an image, use Image.paste()".

Vivian De Smedt 7:59 AM on 6 Feb 2006

And what about ImageDraw.Draw?

Ned Batchelder 8:49 AM on 6 Feb 2006

ImageDraw.Draw is the constructor for draw objects, which have the bitmap() method that worked so poorly for me.

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