Baseball’s best burger?

Thursday 16 March 2006This is more than 17 years old. Be careful.

I can’t imagine eating this thing: Baseball’s Best Burger is an unexceptional bacon cheeseburger, except that it is served on a Krispy Kreme doughnut instead of a bun. In addition to the caloric excess, doesn’t the sweet doughnut clash with the burger? If this appeared in a Simpsons episode, we’d laugh at the absurdity of it. Never have I been more proud of our rich American culinary heritage!


Barbeque sauce is heavy in suger and often poured on beef. Chinese cuisine also features a mix of sweet and savory. In the old days, English pasties combined a mix as well, although my understanding is they were often seperated to different ends of the pastry.

As for the burger, I don't think I would order one but I wouldn't knock the cullinary tradition behind the idea. It may well be very tasty.
This has in fact appeared in a Boondocks episode (on Cartoon Network) a few weeks ago, in an episode called "The Itis". And we did indeed laugh at its absurdity. These guys must have taken it seriously.

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