Math factoid of the day


On bloglines, the little multiplication symbols didn't appear, so this was much more confusing than it really was...

I am using Firefox and none of the page encodings make it better (using UTF-16 forces the page into!)

Happy (12**2 - 10**2) Ned!
I didn't get it at all; I still don't, except I saw the number 44 so I knew you were saying something (albeit tres geeky) about your birthday. Happy Birthday, Darling and turn on your $#@ cellphone, BTW.
Happy Brithday and Happy Father's Day Weekend!

I liked your factoid. How 'bout this one

4^2 + 2^4 + 1^2 + 1^4 +
4^1 + 2^1 + 1^1 + 1^1 +
4^0 + 2^0 + 1^0 + e^(i * pi)
= 44
n^2 - (n - 2)^2 = 4(n - 1)

Happy n = 12

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