One less beta

Saturday 1 July 2006This is 17 years old. Be careful.

The Web 2.0 trend to label everything beta has been continuing unabated. The Museum of Modern Betas lists nearly 1500 sites labeled “beta”.

Over at Tabblo, we’ve done our part to combat this pernicious phenomenon by leaving our public beta period after only six weeks. In a nod to older software distribution models, we’re labelling it Tabblo 1.0. Of course, it’s a web site, so in all probability the live code will be updated again before the week is out, so numbering a release is kind of pointless. But it’s better than calling it “beta” for years and years.


Hi, Ned. Just signed up at Tabblo... the image on the create account page (
has the word "Beta" in it.

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