Jason McElwain

Thursday 2 March 2006

Jason McElwain is an autistic teenager who really loves basketball. For four years, he helped manage the team at his high school. He tried out for the team each year, but his skills weren’t up to team standards. On the last game of his last year, he was put in for the last four minutes, as a tribute to his dedication. Everyone hoped he would at least score one basket.

He sank six three-pointers.

It’s a truly amazing video. I wondered (as my wife Susan did) how his abilities on court could vary so greatly from everyone’s expectations of him. There are comments on Susan’s post from people who know Jason, though they can’t explain it either.

Thanks to all the people who sent the link.


Giacomo 8:46 AM on 2 Mar 2006

Sorry Ned, the only thing I found amazing is how badly CBS uses video on its website. I tried with FF and IE, both times no luck, the video won't load. "Streaming" should be banned by law, IMHO...

Anyway, I'm very happy for the boy!

Bill Mill 9:19 AM on 2 Mar 2006

Ditto here, I can't get the video to work. Nice of them to make sure YouTube didn't have it available though.

Bill Mill 9:23 AM on 2 Mar 2006

Found it on google video, not sure how long it'll last: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-818944862742874918&q=autistic+basketball

Bill Mill 9:24 AM on 2 Mar 2006

Oh, and I had goosebumps watching it... amazing.

Fred Mertx 11:54 AM on 2 Mar 2006

It is on YouTube...

Chad Schelfhout 3:44 PM on 2 Mar 2006

I found this video (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?id=2348397) yesterday, and think it tells the story the best.

Mika Heinonen 3:44 PM on 9 Mar 2006

I saw the video first on break.com: http://www.break.com/index/autisticbball.html
Then I remembered some of us Notes Bloggers had a dedicated section for autism and it seems that the this video has been going around quite a bit.
This guy was simply amazing, and I've heard also other amazing things about autistic people, but still many people categorize them as having a disability. I wouldn't use that category, since some autistic people seem to be very specialized in something, indeed I wouldn't categorize any people at all, at least not in a negative way.

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