Drying out

Sunday 1 October 2006

Since the flood Tuesday night, Tabblo has been returning to normal.

Considering how much water was spraying around Tuesday night, we came out very well. The guys on hand did a good job getting rid of most of it, and we called ServiceMaster to come take care of the rest.

They put water droids all over (actually, just powerful fans and dehumidifiers), which hum and spin all the time, dribbling into buckets to get rid of moisture.

Everything was placed on small styrofoam blocks (including one slow-moving engineer!). We don’t know if they’re to keep the tables from getting wet, or to allow the carpet to dry.

Remarkably, our Wall of Fame was mostly intact. The posters were subjected directly to the full force of the water, but they look brand-new.

Many offices have had their walls ripped open to let them dry out, and the power is off as a result. So we move into the public areas with our laptops, and keep on cranking.

Tabblo: Drying Out


Sorry to hear about your mini disaster! That is a reminder to all of us how quickly disaster recovery plans may be needed. We lost a test lab to a pipe break and amazing how much money can be lost so quickly, good luck.

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