Who is Homer’s boss?

Sunday 16 April 2006

I’ve watched The Simpsons for a number of years now, and I love it. I’m amazed at how they manage to maintain a huge stable of characters, and bring them in when needed for a gag, sometimes just a cameo per episode. They are crazy off-the-wall characters, but somehow fit together into a logical universe of humor. This page lists 274 characters alphabetically, and the List of Characters from the Simpsons page at Wikipedia has nearly 500 (take that, Britannica!), categorized by part of town.

Yet with all of those characters, a really obvious possibility has been overlooked: Homer’s boss. He works at the nuclear plant, but seems to report directly to Mr. Burns. The sitcom has a long history of hapless bosses alternately lording it over the working class hero of the show, and cowering beneath the glare of the powerful head of the company. With all the characters in The Simpsons, how could they have left out a two-faced middle manager?

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We never actually *saw* him, but in one episode (in a flashback), Homer mentions he has an assistant. Later in the episode, he says the guy is now his supervisor.

Looking it up, it looks like "Eugene Fisk". That's about as close to a direct boss as we've ever seen, I believe.
Maybe the nuclear plant has a flat structure.
For one episode (and a few references), there was the wonder of Frank Grimes. "Grimey" as Homer lovingly called him.
Man, I love the Simpsons, it's such clever commentary on American culture. Perhaps it's an unconscious yet purposeful representation on Groening's part that middle management might as well be invisible. No offense intended to ANY who might be middle-managers, I'm suggesting it might be Groening's take.
In the episode with "Dancing Homer" we do get to see his supervisor briefly. He gives home 4/5 yrs leave of absense. Not sure who he is tho, u only get a quick glimpse of him.
Its either Mr burns Or smithers
I have NO frigging clue

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