Garamond Premier Pro

Wednesday 31 May 2006

For having purchased Photoshop, I received an offer today from Adobe for a free extra, one of which was a font family: Garamond Premier Pro.

Actually, calling this a font family is kind of like calling the US Navy a boat family. This is the most extensive type system I’ve ever seen. It varies along every dimension possible. Not only are there five different weights (Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, and Bold), but there are four different optical weights (Caption, Subhead, Text, and Display), three major languages (Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic), as well as all sorts of typographic variants: ligatures, lining/non-lining and tabular/proportional figures, stylistic variants, small caps, and on and on. The full character set for just one of the fonts runs to four pages.

The typophile thread about Garamond Premier Pro goes into a great deal of detail about the type, especially the polytonic Greek support.


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