The diversity of digital media

Wednesday 19 July 2006This is more than 17 years old. Be careful.

One of the things that makes the digital world so powerful is that digital signals can be embedded in so many different media. Of course, this may be taking it too far: Guillaume Reymond recreates short snippets of video games using stop-motion movies, with people in auditorium seats as pixels: GAMEOVER. Very well done, considering the difficulty. How do you convince 50 people to spend a day in an auditorium with you, acting out the pixels in a video game?


Sounds interesting, but the site is down, and I don't speak French...
You probably pay them, or just have a lot of friends :P
I think this is (one of) the other places it's shown up:

As for why people would help out to make it, my guess is that it's for the same reason why people do normally irrational things such as taking off their clothes and posing nude for painters/photographers.

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