Funny cat pictures

Sunday 15 October 2006This is over 16 years old. Be careful.

I don’t usually succumb to sending around funny cat pictures, but something about this series of cats with captions really got to me. The first few were like, “heh, cute”, but then they overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t stop laughing...


Not sure if everyone would get the reference to "Charles, noooo!". He's supposed to be Magneto in X-Men (Charles Xavier can get in people's minds, but Magneto wears a special helmet to avoid this).

I got it. And now you ruined it by over-explaining it.
Actually, that's the one I didn't understand at all, so I appreciate the explanation.
Excellent. Now if I could only remember how Damon Runyon spelled out "Meow." That one-eyed cat story is killer.

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