An emergency at Tabblo

Tuesday 26 September 2006This is close to 17 years old. Be careful.

What happens at a photo-sharing web startup when the sprinkler system suddenly goes off, flooding the office with thousands of gallons of water? They take pictures and make a tabblo about it to share the story: An Emergency at Tabblo.

An Emergency at Tabblo

It really is quite a mess in the offices. It will take at least a few days to correct things. As Antonio put it: “These are the moments that define a startup”.


Well that sucks. I hope you get everything dried out soon.
Water damage can be the worst to deal with. Make sure to wash the walls for mold buildup.
Oh my god, Ned, that's awful! I hope you don't lose anything irreplaceable. Thank goodness it was just one bad sprinkler and not every one in the place.

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