An emergency at Tabblo

Tuesday 26 September 2006

What happens at a photo-sharing web startup when the sprinkler system suddenly goes off, flooding the office with thousands of gallons of water? They take pictures and make a tabblo about it to share the story: An Emergency at Tabblo.

An Emergency at Tabblo

It really is quite a mess in the offices. It will take at least a few days to correct things. As Antonio put it: “These are the moments that define a startup”.



Well that sucks. I hope you get everything dried out soon.

David Boudreau 2:08 AM on 28 Sep 2006

Water damage can be the worst to deal with. Make sure to wash the walls for mold buildup.


Oh my god, Ned, that's awful! I hope you don't lose anything irreplaceable. Thank goodness it was just one bad sprinkler and not every one in the place.

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