Tuesday 14 November 2006

Things I could do right now, but I’m too tired:

  • Work some more on the latest new features I’m supposed to be building for Tabblo. It’s been a few weeks of intensive work toward a big goal. Today was one of those days where you take a quick detour at 10, and it lasts until 4:30. D’oh!
  • Work some more on the latest new features I’m not supposed to be building for Tabblo. This is one of those side-projects-at-work deals. Except if I get half way into it, it’s harder to abandon.
  • Continue to work on moving my wife’s blog off of Blogger and onto Wordpress on a new hosting provider, so it will work the way she wants (well).
  • Balance the checkbook.
  • Write something interesting for this blog.
  • Update coverage with any of a handful of submitted patches that I’ve been sitting on for too long because it’s difficult to make the cognitive context switch.
  • Help Max with his Django-based comics site.
  • Work on my latest side project. Seems crazy to nurture a new one when there are existing ones withering on the vine, but who can steer their own passions?

Actually, writing this list has ironically made any one of them seem more do-able, so...

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Yup, it's so easy to get sidetracked. This morning I went from looking up a change event on wxPython's spin control to diving deeply into the wxGlade source code to figure out how to add a 3rd party widget to its menu.... It takes constant vigilance to keep on track.
Well, this post covered your fifth goal! :-)
*Help Max with his Django-based comics site.

Oh, Ned, just come sit with me.

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