Mentos + Diet Coke: an illustrated guide

Sunday 11 June 2006

I saw the video of the Bellagio-like fountains of Mentos and Diet Coke today. This is something that my son Max had tried to accomplish a few weeks back, and we were stumped as to how to get the Mentos into the soda bottle efficiently enough to get a good geyser. Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz described their techniques well enough for us to duplicate their method. Now I’m providing an illustrated guide of our process:

Tabblo: Mentos + Diet Coke: An Illustrated Guide


This madness has now reached the BBC�at least their morning radio news programme...

Today programme:

Hi Ned - my son reports that some students did this last week at Brookline High, in the field. I guess it's contagious.


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