Tuesday 19 December 2006This is over 16 years old. Be careful.

mmorrisson, in a comment on my recent Drawing Games post, pointed to another online drawing game: Linerider. The idea is simple, but with a twist: use the pencil to draw a slope, then “play” it, letting a tiny sled rider ride the slope. It seems simple at first, but getting the sledder to keep moving and not fall off can be tricky. I quickly ran out of ideas for adventures to put the little guy through, but others seem to have no shortage: they’ve created some remarkable landscapes. YouTube also has movies of virtuoso Linerider performances.

Update: I originally had pointed to a different Linerider site, which was scuzzier, and had questionable content, including possibly viruses. These links are much better. I apologize.


Bernard Farrell 3:31 AM on 20 Dec 2006

I think this site also downloads a virus called ErrorSafe because immediately after visiting the site, watching one video, and playing once I got a warning about this virus from Norton.

I may be wrong, but be careful.
There's always the original site: on deviantArt. No Ads, no virii.
Thanks guys. The lineage of Linerider seems to be branching like crazy. I've updated the post with a much more respectable version. Sorry for any malware encounters!
Thanks Ned

Thankfully I have up to date virus protection so it was an annoyance rather than anything else.

Happy Hannukkah

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