Spelling words

Thursday 16 February 2006

My second-grader showed me his spelling words book. He has to write sentences using the words, and underline them. From the first entry back in September, a classic:

Where’s their head?

There’s their head!

They’re headless.


Bill Mill 8:24 AM on 16 Feb 2006

He's smarter than 75% of the internet population already!

Giacomo 9:00 AM on 16 Feb 2006

Make it 75% of the native english speakers. You wouldn't believe how bad it is in Britain (or should I say "its" </grin>).

Damien Katz 10:21 AM on 16 Feb 2006

Definitely better than 75% of Americans. There terrible with stuff like this.

Marius Gedminas 6:50 PM on 16 Feb 2006

It's much easier for non-native speakers to distinguish "they're", "there" and "their". After all, they're all spelled differently. (I tend to pronounce them differently too, which is probably not correct.)

jimmie 1:42 AM on 17 Feb 2006

As a non-native speaker, I can't stand too many seemingly naitive speaker mixing up than and then. Heck, once a high school girl told me that even her English teacher does not know which is which. Well, it's just *one of the* things, of course.

Giacomo 1:49 AM on 17 Feb 2006

Marius, "they're" and "there" indeed /are/ pronounced differently :)
(random trivia from Manchester: the Gorillaz hit "Dare" had the title changed from the original "There" because the featured singer couldn't correctly pronounce "th" for the life of him...)

Clint 11:16 AM on 17 Feb 2006

In pirate speek, "thars thar head"

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