Design Barcode

Monday 2 October 2006This is close to 17 years old. Be careful.

Some clever Japanese graphic designers realized that just because barcodes are functional doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty as well. They play around with the edges of the barcode to make them into integrated elements of package design, rather than blots on the landscape: Design Barcode. The video isn’t a good way to study what they’ve done, but the Japanese-only Design Barcode site isn’t yielding any nuggets either.


You can try their samples page. Or this artsy barcode related site, seems to be Design Barcode's partner in the USA. Their gallery looks great.
The cover of They Might Be Giants' latest compilation is a clever play on the barcode. On the front it looks like a bunch of artsy lines, but if you flip it over you see that the lines are actually an extension of the barcode on the back.

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