Monday 2 January 2006This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

Reddit is a bookmarking service, kind of like, but with voting and comments thrown into the mix. I first heard of it in the list of demos at the Boston Web Innovators Meetup. Then it made news when the developers scrapped their Lisp implementation (newsworthy in and of itself), and rewrote the whole thing in Python, which led to much Lisp vs. Python handwringing.

But the thing that drew my attention to reddit yesterday was that my last post about how Joel Spolsky is a crotchety old man has been near the top of reddit’s hot list for the last day. Reddit seems to have a lot of users: my referrer log indicates that they’ve sent me over 2300 visitors. Nice way to start the year!


Joel Spolsky recently posted about Reddit, so I guess many of his readers (like myself) might have been curious as they saw your 'crotchety old man' post (which I enjoyed very much) increasing the effect. Happy New Year!

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