The brick testament

Thursday 20 April 2006

Remarkably, I haven’t linked to The Brick Testament before. It’s quite a body of work, a significant chunk of the Bible, rendered quite well as Lego scenes. I think it’s sweet that the sections are marked with letters indicating a rating: N for nudity, V for violence, and so on.


DeanG 5:17 PM on 21 Apr 2006

I hesitate to try to warn the users that that's some sort of amusement, it's certainly not educational. What would you classify it as?

Ned Batchelder 5:36 PM on 21 Apr 2006

I'd say it's mildly educational, on about the same level as a cartoon bible (which my son really enjoys!)

DeanG 10:56 AM on 8 May 2006

I'll have to give it another try. Entered at the literal interpretations of husband/wife roles...

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