Stick figure and Lego cakes

Monday 3 April 2006This is more than 17 years old. Be careful.

For Ben’s birthday this year, we made two cakes, one on the day, and one for the party. First was a Stickfus cake:

Stickfus birthday cake

Stickfus is a world Ben created, populated by stick figures. Bejoq is Ben’s self-assigned name on the world.

The party cake was in the shape of Lego pieces, at Ben’s request:

Lego birthday cake

Both cakes were really easy, and Ben loved them. Funny thing is, we made a Lego cake just like this one for Max when he was about the same age! The colors of both cakes are a bit off. The stickfus cake is supposed to be skin colored, and we wanted to make the Lego pieces primary colors, but frosting always comes out too pastel. Anyone know how to get good saturated colors in frosting?


re: frosting.

My wife found and used professional food coloring paste by Wilton when she made a firetruck cake for our son. We had to use lots and lots of it to make the black tires and the deep red body.
Don't worry about the colors. Real legos are coming in pastels now too.
I don't think there is a way without ruining the taste
I buy Frosting coloring from A C Moore or Michael's craft stores...
You can see my duck from last year here (frosting coloring):
And this year's snake (reg food coloring):
I think the frosting colors come out much more vibrant
When you need to make dark colors like black, make it the icing and add cocoa powder to help get that dark color without tasting the coloring.
I use candy coloring. It's a little expensive, but a little goes a long way. I also colored the cake part for both my nieces b-day cakes. I got the richest looking rainbow colors. They were so excited to see that when we cut into them.

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