Tony vs. Paul

Thursday 30 November 2006

Tony vs. Paul is an amazing stop-motion amateur video, two guys battling with their various stop-motion super-powers. This is the kind of thing my boys will be talking about for a long time. Looks to me like they must have taken full video and selected frames individually to include in the stop-motion.


Cool. Where did you find this? I'd bet that the latter portion was filmed in Arlington, MA at Robbins Farm Park (see photos). It's a wonderful park with a skyline view of downtown Boston -- as appears at the end of the clip.
Definitely Arlington's park. I recognize the long slide and the swings and the skyline. I went there many times with my son.
Pretty cool. All of this stop motion animation that people are making for YouTube these days reminds me of the Peter Gabriel videos like Sledgehammer.

However the best, best stop motion animation is the work by the Brothers Quay. Particurarly their "Streets of Crocodiles" done around '86. Nothing else like it. Very dark & atmospheric. If you like this type of stuff they have a terrific compilation DVD.

I was also shocked as I didn't see these comments: Yup the last bit was definately shot at the Arlington park. My daughter and I call it the "blue slide park" after that big, big long slide and we go there almost weekly.
That is great. I agree - the Arlington quotient is high. The beach is "elsewhere" but most everything else may be in Arlington.
It wasn't done by shooting full video -- it was shot frame by frame. Which makes it even more impressive. Especially when you look at all the jumping they had to do. Beach was Gloucester. Here's the director's comments:
A stop motion battle between two friends turned enemies.

Thanks for all the super nice comments! And since some questions keeps coming up, i thought I'd answer them.

1. The video took two months to film and edit.

2. The music is available here (for now):

3. Nothing is fake and no green screens were used. The only computer animated part was the letters falling on the page.

4. Yes, we really did jump all those times.

5. I edited it with Final Cut Pro

6. The camera we used was a Canon GL1 with both digital stills being taken, and footage being shot.

7. It was filmed in Massachusetts in the following towns: Arlington, Medford, Upton, Gloucester

Written & Directed by: Paul Cummings & Tony Fiandaca
Starring: Paul Cummings & Tony Fiandaca
Edited by: Paul Cummings
Music by: Chris Donovan

Also, check out my band! ... (more) (less)

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