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Thursday 27 April 2006This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

Yesterday’s post about Code Monkey was fruitful in that my lament about the lack of shows about geeks led me to The IT Crowd, a British TV comedy about an IT department, and their newly-assigned computer-illiterate manager. The show is available from, but only in the UK. Of course, Bob dug up the YouTube links: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5 and Episode 6.

I watched the first episode, and found it very funny. There will of course be comparisons to The Office because of the setting (an office!), but the show is much more like Fawlty Towers in its style and its humor. It’s not exactly about software engineers, but the set is filled with geek references (EFF stickers, a Commodore PET in the background, RTFM t-shirts, and so on). Good stuff.

Roy and Moss from The IT Crowd
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Yes, the first two episodes are really hilarious. The other ones are a little bit less interesting, maybe with the exception of episode #6, with a second half really *nuts*...

Really expecting the next season, anyway.

"Hello IT? Have you tried to turn it off an on again?"
I wasn't entirely sure at first, but I have to say, overall The IT Crowd is very funny. Completely ludicrous, but very funny. The episode which finishes (after the end-credits) with Maurice talking to a video camera in his bathroom is particularly entertaining.

FYI, the show was written by one half of the team behind the awesome Father Ted here in the UK. If you've never seen that show, you are in for a real treat ;o)
Glad you enjoyed the show.

(and whichever episode has the fire extinguisher is the funniest IMHO. It's become an in-joke for my girlfriend and I.)
I enjoyed all the episodes. They r really hilarious. One can't stop laughing. Its funny and enjoyable.
Expecting some great laughs in the next season also.
yes excellent ! :P

I fond the original RTFM t-shirt of the first episode here >

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