Escher-like Google maps

Friday 15 September 2006

I used Google maps yesterday to pinpoint a location in downtown Boston last night, and was presented with an Escher-like perspective. All of the buildings on the east side of Berkeley street seem to lean to the south, and all the ones on the west lean to the north. The picture was clearly stitched together from two shots, but the stitch runs seamlessly down the street, rather than along a simple geographic line. Someone is doing some impressive hand-work to make these photos seamless.


Ants Aasma 8:08 AM on 15 Sep 2006

It's quite possible to get that kind of results using automated or minimally guided algorithms. The fact that they have vector street maps available makes it even easier. Just as an example of what's possible:

jochem 9:49 AM on 15 Sep 2006

Scroll a bit to the west and you find even more incredible stitchings. The very tall glass building puts its shadow down on a section of houses (and church) that is leaning the to the east while the tall building is skewed to the west. Incredible!

bruce 12:44 PM on 15 Sep 2006

a link to jochem's building

Bob 4:58 PM on 15 Sep 2006

That "very tall glass building" is the John Hancock Tower. You used to be able to get a great view of Boston from the observatory at the top but it was closed after 9/11. As far as I know, it's still closed. Oddly, the observatory in the John Hancock Center in Chicago is still open. Go figure.

Calvin Spealman 7:05 PM on 15 Sep 2006

That is so trippy. I think I'm putting that on my background.

Jeff Mather 11:45 AM on 18 Sep 2006

I suspect (but don't feel like proving) that MassGIS, the Commonwealth's mapping agency, is actually doing the work.

Anton Sherwood 1:13 AM on 20 Sep 2006

There's a similar stitch along, or at least near, Market Street in San Francisco.

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