Geek humor


Bill Mill 8:40 AM on 8 Sep 2006

I hope you went back and read the archives, there's some great stuff ( picked at random)

andrew 9:10 AM on 8 Sep 2006

Lord, you are a geek. I laughed too.

mikey 9:12 AM on 8 Sep 2006

Wow, what a long road comedy has travelled since the demise of Benny Hill.

Blake Winton 10:07 PM on 9 Sep 2006

Don't forget to read the titles of the images. They're often funnier than the comics themselves.

n[ate]vw 10:51 AM on 11 Sep 2006

Man, what a find!

Bob 1:58 PM on 11 Sep 2006

Also available on a t-shirt.

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