Japanese Rube Goldberg machines

Thursday 6 April 2006This is 17 years old. Be careful.

I don’t know what Japanese TV show this is from, but it’s a video of some amazing Rube Goldberg contraptions. Skip about 1:30 into it, and when the dancers come on, skip over them too. There are a couple of dozen different devices demonstrated, using some truly innovative interactions and reactions. It’s similar to the Honda Cog advertisement, but clearly hand-made, and with a repeating jingle at the end of each one, sometimes incorporated into the machine itself.


Goes to a Japanese video by an Evanescence knock off band...
These videos are from one of the NHK channels (like PBS in the States)- the one that has a science slant. The name in this one means Pythagoras Switch, and that's what is sung in the jingle ("pitA,gorA,su suIchI"). I guess "Rube Goldberg" got mistranslated.

I was going to tell you about them on numerous occasions, actually but didn't think you'd be impressed. There are probably many, many of them. I also saw a TV show that had a contest of these kind of contraption builders, competing in teams, with points for creativity and difficulty, and creative goals like "coolest way to open a can" or "crack an egg to make a batter" as the final action in the contraption. Years back, there was a gigantic dominos-falling display arranged around Odaiba, spanning miles, in and out of stores and buildings, and televised live, which used video cassette cases as the dominos.
David, if you ever find more video like this, my kids (yeah, that's it..., my kids) would really be interested in seeing it.
I'm thinking you and your kids should build some.

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