A variant of the LAMP stack

Friday 7 April 2006This is 17 years old. Be careful.

I was poking around the Kiko web site, and looked into their about page, which says,

Kiko is developed and hosted on a variant of the popular “LAMP” application stack:

  • LigHTTPD on Debian GNU/Linux
  • the PostgreSQL database
  • Ruby on Rails
  • and the Dojo and Prototype Javascript toolkits

That’s an interesting “variant”. Three of the four components are different than the LAMP acronym. They’ve changed Linux Apache MySQL PHP to Linux LigHTTPD PostgreSQL RubyOnRails, from LAMP to LLPR.

LAMP has changed its meaning from four particular technologies (and the P was always ambiguous about which of the P languages it was referring to), to mean, “an open-source stack of web technologies”.

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Jeff Waugh says:

Most of our cool scripting languages start with P


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