At the movies: Sarah Silverman and OCD

Tuesday 20 June 2006

Over the weekend, we watched two off-the-beaten-path movies that I recommend highly:

Jesus is Magic is a Sarah Silverman comedy concert, with extras like songs thrown in. It is hilarious, but also quite crude. If you haven’t seen Sarah, her shtick is to offend absolutely everyone, either ethnically, sexually, or scatologically. For example:

If God gives you AIDS, make Lemon-aids.

Dirty Filthy Love is a great movie about obsessive compulsive disorder. It’s a touching and realistic portrayal of a man slipping into the grip of a debilitating illness. It seems to be billed as a romantic comedy, but I would not call it that. There is romance of a sort, but it’s more of a drama with light moments than a comedy. And the romance is about people finding each other through pain rather than the sort of “aren’t we in love?” lightness you’d find in a typical romantic comedy.


"I Love You More" from Jesus is Magic is on youtube. Definitely NSFW.
Nice write up in the Wall Street Journal on Tabblo! They gave you guys a pretty glowing review!
Well i haven't watched both the movies but after your experience I will only watch the second one!

Thnx for the review. Keep that coming in future as well!!

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