On the fate of entrepreneurships

Thursday 22 June 2006

I was IM’ing with a friend, and we were discussing the variety of outcomes for small tech companies. I typed something mundane, but a slip of the fingers left out a space, making it pithier than I intended:

It’s hard to know where a startup will endup.


I know a couple of companies you might call "neverendups". They've been around for a while and can't be qualified as startups any longer. They enter a phase where they've got a few customers. Usually this is after the VC-funded startup has collapsed after building a product. Massive layoffs, new management, much smaller company. Their meager revenues pay the bills and keeps a few developers employed. The prospect of ever becoming successful by this point is virtually nil.
"Their meager revenues pay the bills and keeps a few developers employed."

Sounds like success to me.
Not successful in the sense of the original venture. Lots of people join startups with visions of success and potential riches. To go from that vision to subsistence living isn't for everyone.

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